About Matt

brilliant-adoption-bookBrilliant! is a children’s book packed with symbolism that revolves around a parent’s hope that their child will become a better version of themselves.

Learn a thing or two from my fun book called Skylar and George Washington.

matt-kimber-burgessMy wife, Kimber, and I adopted two children from China in 2013 and we are adopting a child from India. For people interested in adoption, they have made helpful information, pictures and videos available at Our House of Burgesses.

In 2015, our family invested in a 1958 retro red Shasta Airflyte Deluxe to enhance our camping trips and make memories. We are chronicling adventures at Shana the Shasta.

tacky-light-tourIn 2005 I created a website for Richmond’s Tacky Light Tour. It almost immediately became the premiere, online source for Christmas light displays and it still is at www.tackylighttour.com.